Magnify is an online learning experience with highly qualified teachers which has been shown to make a significant difference to outcomes. It is personalized, with teachers providing effective feedback against clearly identified competencies for each student’s projects.




At Magnify, our students engage in project-based courses that are aligned to national and state standards. The curriculum includes core and elective courses in math, science, english language arts, social studies, and other subjects. Magnify teachers and community members work together to connect projects to students needs, interests, and community.


Our curriculum is designed on an online platform, HERO, which delivers the curriculum, grading, and collaboration space.

Girls Building Robot

Teaching Methodology

Magnify makes sure through a blend of live teaching, a mentor, independent work and a college advisor that each student thrives.

Following the official American curriculum and being connected to an innovative approach to education that uses modern technology, high-quality Project-Based Learning, and competency-based assessment, our students develop interdisciplinary knowledge, critical thinking, creativity, and interpersonal communication abilities.

Through the development of these 21st-century skills and others, PBL prepares the students for professional, academic and personal success.



We track our students’ progress through competency-based assessments linked to our projects, involving students and providing daily feedback and weekly progress reports.