About us



In 2009, educators Beth Baker and Glen Taylor opened WAY (Widening Advancements for Youth), a nonprofit educational organization that combines Project-Based Learning with the support of adult mentors, team leaders, and teaching experts. Their main purpose was to help young people pursue their interests and earn a High School Diploma through projects both in a classroom and in an online environment.


WAY students, referred to as researchers, needed a way to find projects, organize their work and keep track of their progress. They needed a way to communicate and collaborate with their teachers and their fellow researchers. In short, they needed a system. This is where Centric Learning came in with their HERO Learning Platform - a standards and project-based digital learning environment (DLE).


In 2019, Magnify was founded to provide an online project-based and competency-assessed learning experience to students searching for a different approach to traditional education with a flexible schedule. Through a combination of one on one mentoring, live video lessons and a project-based learning curriculum that students can access any time, Magnify extends its mission to students from all over the country,  from grades 6-12, in partnership with private schools in the USA.